A standard gelatin or HPMC capsule with an embedded ingestible wireless sensor.
Does not require any patient configuration or manipulation.
Communication portal for ID-Cap data.

The ID-Cap System is currently only available for investigational use in IRB-approved clinical studies.  This medical device has not received FDA clearance for marketing in the US.

How It Works

The Capsule

The ID-Cap is a standard hard gelatin or HPMC capsule with an embedded ingestible wireless sensor – the ID-Tag™.  Each time an ID-Cap is swallowed, the ID-Tag uses etectRx’s proprietary communications technology to transmit a very low power digital message from within the patient’s stomach.

  • Patient friendly – It looks, tastes and feels just like an ordinary capsule.
  • Communicates every dose – One or two-way communication between the ID-Tag and the Reader ensures every ingestion is detected.  The ID-Tag communications technology has demonstrated high reliability in multiple clinical studies.
  • Self-powered – The ID-Tag is powered by the patient’s own stomach fluids.
  • Leaves no trace – After the capsule dissolves, the ultra-thin, flexible sensor is naturally eliminated through the patient’s GI tract.

The Reader

The Reader is a wearable device that detects messages transmitted from ingested ID-Tags and forwards them using Bluetooth technology to the ID-Cap App on the patient’s smartphone.

  • Simple to use – The Reader does not require any patient configuration or manipulation.  Just put it on and go.
  • Battery powered –Place the Reader on the wireless charging pad to recharge.
  • Flexible – Can be taken off between doses.
  • Comfortable – Small and lightweight, does not require adhesives or direct contact with the skin to receive messages from the ID-Tag.

The App

The ID-Cap App relays the messages received by the Reader to the cloud-based Information Management Platform. It is the patient’s window into the system, providing customizable reminders for medication events and system status as well as reports on the patient’s medication adherence history.

  • Medication adherence reminders – The patient’s phone can display customized messages to remind the patients to take their medicine at the appropriate time.
  • Adherence history – The app displays ingestion event history to show the patient how adherent they have been to their current medication regimen.
  • System status – The application displays battery status and reminders to recharge the Reader.

The ID-Cap Information Management Platform

The Information Management Platform completes the information flow that starts with the ingestion of the ID-Cap and provides the clinician or pharmacist with a total view of their patients’ medication adherence.

  • Individual patient management – Allows for customized messaging to individual patients depending upon therapy type or patient preference.
  • Population health analytics – Allows for efficient analysis of adherence patterns across large groups of patients using ID-Cap.
  • Clinical trial support – Allows for real-time monitoring of critical medication adherence data from patients and clinical trial participants.

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