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A standard gelatin capsule with an embedded wireless sensor is swallowed by the patient
A reader is worn by the patient to detect the transmitted message from the capsule
A mobile app relays the message from the reader and records the ingestion event

The ID-Cap System

The ID-Capsule

The ID-Capsule is a standard hard gelatin capsule with an embedded ingestible wireless sensor – the ID-Tag™.  Each time an ID-Capsule is swallowed, the ID-Tag uses etectRx’s proprietary communications technology to transmit a very low power digital message from within the patient’s stomach.

  • Patient friendly – It looks, tastes and feels just like an ordinary capsule.
  • Communicates every dose – Communication between the ID-Tag and the Reader results in every ingestion being detected.  The ID-Tag communications technology has demonstrated high reliability in multiple clinical studies.
  • Self-powered – The ID-Tag is powered by the patient’s own stomach fluids.
  • Leaves no trace – After the capsule dissolves, the ultra-thin, flexible sensor is naturally eliminated through the patient’s GI tract.

The Reader

The Reader is a wearable device that detects messages transmitted from ingested ID-Tags and forwards them using Bluetooth technology to the ID-Cap App on the patient’s smartphone.

  • Simple to use – Easy to wear and remove. Just put it on and go.
  • Battery powered –Place the Reader on the wireless charging pad to recharge.
  • Flexible – Can be taken off between doses.
  • Comfortable – Small and lightweight, does not require adhesives or direct contact with the skin to receive messages from the ID-Tag.

The App

The ID-Cap App relays the messages received by the Reader to the cloud-based secure server. It allows patients to view ingestion events as they occur and displays ingestion event history.

  • Ingestion history – The app displays ingestion event history for the patient.
  • System status – The application displays battery status and reminders to recharge the Reader.

The ID-Cap Dashboard

The ID-Cap Dashboard completes the information flow that starts with the ingestion of the ID-Cap and provides the clinician or pharmacist with a total view of their patients’ ingestion events.

  • Individual patient management – Enables clinician to view, track, and trend patient ingestion events in real time.
  • Population health analytics – Allows for efficient analysis of ingestion events across large groups of patients using the ID-Cap System.
  • Clinical trial support – Allows for real-time monitoring of critical ingestion event data from clinical trial participants.

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