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    eBrief™ System

    Introducing the eBrief System

    The patented eBrief Intelligent Incontinence Monitoring System offers remote, real-time urinary incontinence monitoring through a small, disposable, battery-free eBurst sensor. When the incontinence brief has absorbed a predetermined volume of fluid, the fluid will contact the sensor, activating and powering it to transmit a real-time alert to nursing staff that the brief needs to be changed. Once the brief is changed, care teams are able to discard the brief, eleviating the need to remove, clean, or reattach the sensor.

    These automatic alerts greatly reduce the potential for adverse health effects from incontinence, improve the efficiency and job satisfaction of the caregiver and preserve the dignity of the resident.

    Connected Coverage.
    Confident Care.

    eBrief Sensor Tag

    The eBrief Sensor Tag is a small, batteryless, disposable moisture sensor developed to detect urinary incontinence events in real time. When applied to a brief, the sensor tag activates following a wetness event and uses a low-power radio frequency signal to communicate a wet brief alert to the resident’s Room Reader.

    • No skin contact
    • Activated by moisture
    • Battery-free
    • Disposable
    • Ultra-low power radio transmitter
    • Works with any brand, size, and type of incontinence care product

    Room Reader

    The Room Reader is a fixed device installed in a resident’s room that detects alerts from the eBrief Sensor Tag. Following a urinary incontinence event, the reader uses Bluetooth technology to communicate an alert to the Care Dashboard. The Room Reader is visually displayed as artwork and can be configured to blend in with the facility’s environment.

    • Configurable to meet each room’s requirements
    • Concealable in artwork, desktop, or under bed
    • Quiet unobtrusive ambient sensing
    • Relays signal to the caretaker’s app when a wet brief is detected
    • No hand-held scanners required

    Care Dashboard

    The Care Dashboard alerts caretakers of urinary incontinence events and provides key performance indicator tracking. The dashboard displays the time elapsed since a resident’s brief was last changed and alerts staff when a wet brief needs attention, thereby minimizing the necessity for manual brief checks.

    • Provides simple, at-a-glance status of all rooms
    • Time since last check
    • Wetness indication
    • Time elapsed since wetness event
    • Wall or kiosk style

    Ready to implement the eBrief™ System at your facility?