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Powering The Future of Health Monitoring

eBurst is our novel wireless sensor technology that brings forth a new era of health monitoring. At the core of all etectRx solutions, eBurst technology powers an unmet need for a new class of sensors—battery-less, disposable, ingestible, implantable, and wearable. With eBurst, we empower remote monitoring of multiple health conditions, providing an unprecedented level of convenience and accuracy.

Discover The Power of eBurst

Key Features:

  • Complete Sensor Platform: Optimized for event based communication, eBurst technology is built on a connected platform enabling real-time remote monitoring.

  • Established IoMT Technology: eBurst serves as a verified Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) platform, enabling the connectivity of medical devices, hardware infrastructure, and software applications crucial for linking healthcare information technology.

  • Cost-Effective Implementation: With a focus on very low-cost implementation, eBurst makes advanced health monitoring accessible to a broader populatoon.

  • Battery-Free Operation: eBurst's extremely low power consumption allows for battery-free operation, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and reducing environmental impact.

  • Safe In Vivo and Ex Vivo Applications: Designed and proven safe for in and on body use, eBurst proves its versatility with ingestible and wearable sensors.

Platform Components:





Learn more about the eBurst platform in use:

If you have an in-body or on-body sensor product, we invite you to join in our initiative to influence the future of healthcare. Embark on the path to connected health with us and discoverhow eBurst’s comprehensive sensor platform can connect you to your product’s performance.