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Xtalks Webinar

Better Connections with Patients Using Data from Digital Pills

etectRx hosted an Xtalks Webinar on December 3: “Better Connections with Patients Using Data from Digital Pills.” Susan Baumgartner, VP of Product Management and Regulatory Affairs at etectRx, started the discussion speaking about medication nonadherence, the need for digital pills and the ease of using our ID-Cap™ System. Dr. Peter Chai, a long-time collaborator of etectRx, detailed the usefulness of the unique form of adherence data collected from our digital pill system.

The webinar, moderated by Stefanie Kuhner of Bristol-Myers Squibb, had 81 registrants from across the pharma and clinical world. Just as attendees learned about etectRx and our digital pill technology, etectRx learned from webinar participants.

During the discussion, etectRx polled the audience, concluding that 89% of participants said their opinions of digital pills and digital pill systems was positive because of the presentation. The majority of listeners saw digital pill systems positively in real and current time.

The majority of registrants also disclosed that their companies are not currently evaluating digital pill systems, with one-third of webinar participants recording that they would be advocates for a demonstration project using a digital pill system.

To hear more details about our technology and our current clinical exposure, register and watchBetter Connections with Patients Using Data from Digital Pills” on Xtalks, or watch the individual speaker sessions below.

Contact the team at to learn how to schedule a demonstration project today.

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