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etectRx Launches First-Ever Virtual, Multi-Pill Clinical Trial Using Next-Generation ID-Tag

Late last week, we launched the first-ever virtual, multi-pill clinical trial to evaluate our ID-Cap™ System’s next-generation ingestible sensor, the ID-Tag 1.6. The ID-Cap System will allow our clinicians to utilize telehealth to remotely monitor patients and track ingestions in real time. This approximate one-month study will include 150 ingestions, with remote monitoring throughout, and will meet all standards and study requirements for patient privacy, data security, and confidentiality, and is scheduled to end around September 8th.

Monitoring ingestions remotely has not only allowed us to get the study up and running faster, but will allow for the study to be completed in less time. Additionally, eliminating face-to-face interactions minimizes risks related to COVID-19 for healthy volunteers and study personnel.

Remote monitoring also offers patients convenience and flexibility, allowing them to seamlessly fit study requirements into daily routines by eliminating trips to a clinic.

To learn more about partnering with etectRx on your next clinical study, contact us or check out our webcast below: Digital Pills for Clinical Trials.


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