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etectRx Strengthens Intellectual Property Portfolio with 15th Issued Patent Supporting Digital Pill Innovation

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (October 7, 2020) – etectRx, Inc. recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 10,765,360 for an “Electronic medication compliance monitoring system and associated methods.” The patent supports the company’s existing intellectual property for its digital pill platform technology and methods for recording and tracking a patient’s adherence to a medication. etectRx continues to have exclusive United States rights to the patented technology.

etectRx has secured 15 issued patents in a growing intellectual property portfolio of pending and granted patents that cover the company’s unique and proprietary technology in the U.S. and major international markets.

The ID-Cap™ System from etectRx, an FDA Cleared ingestible event marker system, gives clinicians and researchers the ability to accurately track and manage patients’ medication adherence on a per-dose basis. The ID-Cap System uses a novel ingestible sensor (the ID-Tag™), which is delivered within a standard, hard gelatin capsule shell (the ID-Capsule). Powered by stomach fluid, the ID-Tag emits very low-power digital messages from within the patient each time an ID-Capsule is ingested. The messages are reliably transmitted to a wearable reader (the ID-Cap Reader) and can be forwarded to a mobile application (the ID-Cap App) on the patient’s smartphone.

“We are confident that this patent will broadly protect etectRx’s technology and further provide our products with long-term market value,” said Valerie Sullivan, president & CEO of etectRx. “This patent is an important piece of etectRx’s growing portfolio of intellectual property, and we are excited to continue demonstrating the strength of our product as we pursue partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.”

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