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etectRx Targets Mental Health Field In Partnership With Local Health Pharmacy

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (February 26, 2021) – Digital health company, etectRx, Inc., announced a signed letter of intent for a novel partnership with Local Health, Inc., a subsidiary of OneroRx, a leader in operating telepharmacies and community retail pharmacies. The partnership is structured to evaluate patient acceptability of the etectRx FDA-cleared digital pill ID-Cap™ System. Local Health, located in Chicago, will recruit and engage patients, dispense the digital pill system, collect data and publish survey results.

The study, scheduled to begin this summer, focuses on mental health medication. Patient participants will evaluate etectRx technology, a system focused on patient empowerment and adherence to treatment regimen. This technology gives Local Health the ability to intervene in real time, helping patients successfully stay adherent to their medication.

etectRx is growing Use Cases and partnerships, shortly after competitor Proteus Digital Health was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2020. With strong technical and product differences in its digital pill system, as well as history of successful strong study data and partnerships, etectRx is active during a time when the market is primed for accelerating digital health solutions.

“A completely remote study supported by dedicated pharmacy staff is a reality that we are creating,” said Valerie Sullivan, president and CEO of etectRx. “We are busy launching a variety of targeted Use Cases, and have plans to launch programs with pharma and healthcare providers to continue building up data supporting the value of digital pills.”

The etectRx ID-Cap System holds 98% percent accuracy when used correctly according to data on file and has recorded over 5,900 ingestions across 15 IRB clinical research studies. Increasing patient use with Local Health will combine efforts for both companies to benefit the mental health community together.

“Both Local Health and etectRx are committed to bringing solutions to patients that drive better patient engagement and medication adherence,” said Adonis Ducre, chief operation officer and pharmacist in charge. As a pharmacist, I am thrilled to be a part of this project.”


About etectRx™
etectRx is a digital health company. The FDA cleared ID-Cap System uniquely addresses the issue with patient adherence to (oral) medication. The accurate, flexible and elegant digital pill system allows pharmaceutical companies to rethink approaches to medication adherence, innovate with confidence, and accelerate patient outcomes. To learn more about etectRx, visit

About The ID-Cap™ System
The ID-Cap System is a four-part FDA cleared system that consists of an ID-Capsule, Reader, Patient App and Clinician Dashboard. The ID-Capsule is a digital pill with an embedded ingestible sensor. The sensor communicates a digital signal shortly following ingestion and capsule dissolution. The sensor is naturally and safely eliminated through the patient’s GI tract. The Reader is a wearable device that detects messages transmitted from the ingested sensor and forwards them to the Patient App and Clinician Dashboard. The Patient App allows patients to view ingestion events in real time as well as medication use history. The app can send notifications to remind patients to take their medication. The Clinician Dashboard displays the information flow that starts with the ingestion of the ID-Capsule and provides the clinician with both real-time notifications and a history of their patients’ ingestion events.  The ID-Cap System is intended to log, track, and trend intake times and enables unattended data collection for clinical applications.

About Local Health
Founded in 2015, OneroRx, Inc., through its operating subsidiary Local Health, Inc., is a leader in operating telepharmacies with six locations in Illinois and one in Houston, Texas. Local Health focuses on working with pharmaceutical companies with novel agents that require specialized pharmacy, patient and provider training to properly administer the medication. Local Health is currently under review to obtain national accreditation in the following areas: ACHC Specialty Pharmacy, Mail-Order Pharmacy and Medical Supplies.

Media Contact for etectRx™
Caleb Liptak
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(407) 722-7830

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