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    Partnering Opportunities

    Join us in our mission to advance medication adherence and establish a vibrant ecosystem of ingestible sensor solutions.

    etectRx has unparalleled expertise in in-vivo communications, ultra-low power integrated circuit design, wireless/radio frequency systems, and ingestible devices. We have product development experience, manufacturing know-how, and platform technologies we are ready to extend to your application.

    We are seeking collaborators to:

    • Revolutionize the measurement and reporting of medication adherence in real world and clinical research settings
    • Create new ingestible or implantable sensors or novel wearables
    • Expand business opportunities by creating an ecosystem of complementary digital health and medication adherence products and services
    • Apply and build upon our products, platform technologies, or intellectual property to address unmet medical needs and improve health and well-being

    If you are a:

    • Pharmaceutical company seeking a Digital Medicine solution
    • Clinical Research Organization (e.g., CROs and pharmaceutical companies) in need of an objective and reliable medication adherence record in clinical studies
    • Specialty pharmacy or other health organization seeking proof of medication ingestion
    • Health organization at risk for medical and pharmacy costs, such as an accountable care organization or health payer, where confirmed medication adherence can form the basis of an outcomes-based pharma contract
    • Digital therapeutic company seeking to include confirmed medication adherence as part of a disease-specific cognitive behavioral therapy application
    • Digital health company developing software for treatment of a disease or condition whose platform would benefit from confirmed medication ingestion
    • Biotechnology company developing ingestible or implantable sensors or wearables where secure and reliable communication to the emerging body area network (BAN) is mission critical

    Please contact us to learn more about the great things we can do together.