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Smart Pills Are Here To Stay – An Interview With etectRx CEO, Harry Travis

The term digital pills might just sound like the latest hype from Silicon Valley – but it isn’t. The first of such devices dates back to 1957, and the technology had been developing since.

The fall of healthcare startup unicorn Proteus (of which we pointed out that it’s not the tech but the company that failed) gives us an edge now to talk about the mysterious world of digital pills. Thus, besides having an article on the TMF website, I’ve asked Harry Travis, President & CEO of etectRx to share some promising insights of the technology.

Digital health company etectRx aims to advance patient medication adherence and improve ingestion tracking technology. The company’s flagship product, the ID-Cap™ System is an ingestible event marker: a gelatin capsule with an ingestible sensor that transmits signals to a wearable reader, which sends the data to a smartphone-based app and secure cloud-based server to enable reliable tracking of ingestion events.

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